Meeting at the beginning of the day, accompanied by a long love

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The first quarter birthday party of the South China factory


Warm spring breeze,

Dye a season of Fangfei,

urge a tree to bloom,

In this poetic moment,

we welcome,

Employee birthday party in the first quarter of 2022 in the South China factory.

Well prepared

Well-arranged venue,

Well-prepared birthday present,

Always add a warm color to this special day.

Warm wishes

This time, Manager Zhang of the Personnel Administration Department was specially invited to give a speech at the party, sending the most sincere blessings and encouragement to the birthday stars on the spot.

Fun games

Interesting "knowledge quiz"

Small game, big joy

I hope everyone can work happily and live happily!

Sweet moment

Sing a birthday hymn,

make a good wish,

blow out the candles together,

taste a sweet cake,

Enjoy the sweetness and joy of this birthday together.

Lucky draw

happy birthday

Lucky Draw Jackpot

It's time for the lucky draw

See who is blessed by the god of luck!

Meet at the beginning of the fate, accompany the long love

Wishing all MTN birthday stars

Road is safe

bright future

Take root in the future together and grow vigorously together!

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