MTN Launches Fundraising Campaign for Employees in Need

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MTN Launches Fundraising Campaign for Employees in Need

Sickness is merciless, but there is love on earth. Gathering love, lighting up hope.

Zhang Sijin, a colleague from MTN's Yancheng plant, has shown a consistently high sense of responsibility and dedication to his job since he joined MTN.

‘Zhang Sijin was unable to work due to his physical illness, and the expensive medical expenses had already left little of his family's savings from years of hard work, while the ensuing treatment costs added to the already impoverished family. After learning the news, the company leaders initiated an internal donation activity.

Love Donation for Employees

On behalf of the company, Mr. Shang and Mr. Zhang delivered the love donation.

Trickle into a sea, droplets of good deeds cast love, M people with practical action interpretation of the family, help each other selfless love, highlighting the Maiden Electronics in times of crisis and the cohesion of the whole heart. The donation was handed over to Zhang Sijin by Mr Shang and Mr Zhang.

Thank-you letter

Zhang Sijin wrote a letter of thanks after receiving the love donation. Wrote: ‘Thank you for all the leaders and colleagues in my most difficult to send care, to everyone to express my heartfelt thanks, a drop of grace when remembered.’

Enterprises have temperature, employees have to rely on, the enterprise has to bear, the society can progress, Maiden Electronics will continue to uphold the five core values of ‘Caring’ of the corporate culture, to become a good enterprise with temperature, have to bear.

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