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Corporate Culture

The company  has always been committed to the construction of enterprise culture continues to develop at the same time, To share the company's growth happiness with staff together. MTN unremittingly,  gradually build "enterprise core values integrity, innovation,caring, accumulation, win-win" concept, and always adhere to the "technology is king, development of the concept of innovation oriented", and strive to "keep people for business ,treatment ,feelings". 
 MTN has been advocating  "family culture"  for "take and love company as home"  since its inception , to promote the management not only to "humanity", to "Family oriented ". The company  create a close and friendly working environment, provide home food, accommodation and other basic needs service, carry out the experiential training and mentoring type; a management consultant team, to create a learning team, let the staff have a good learning and growth space; establish clear and effective internal communication channels, give employees a warm home care and create a "win-win" situation between company and staff.
The company has invested in the construction of comprehensive sports center, library, cinema, chess room, basketball court, badminton court, table tennis, billiards hall, and other sports facilities, Wonderful style activities, greatly enriched the cultural life of the company. Garden style plant environment, a good working environment,  So that employees are happy  to work and live in the environment every day.
Companies actively established  quality and cultural construction, through effective long-term construction mechanism, create a good atmosphere of quality and culture. With "Creator of creation" as the theme of the continuous in-depth development ,"MTN quality" will enter a new stage, become the backbone of MTN growth .