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About MTN

         Shenzhen MTN Electronics Co., Ltd. (referred to as MTN), founded in February 2008, is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on the development, production, sales and service of network communication and IoT products. Committed to providing diversified and personalized ODM/JDM/OEM services for global network brands, operators, integrators and other customers. Our products cover switches, wireless routers, 4/5G CPE, xPON, xDSL Modem, smart speakers, set-top boxes, IPC and other series, and are exported to more than 60 countries and regions worldwide. After more than 10 years of continuous and rapid development, MTN has accumulated nearly 1,000 core technologies and patents in the field of communication and IoT, and formed a complete product solution for home network, enterprise network and carrier network, MTN has become one of the best R&D and manufacturing enterprises in network communication and IoT industry.

         MTN has set up R&D centers in Shenzhen, Chengdu, Wuhan, Xi'an and Nanjing to deeply serve localized customers. MTN R&D centers in Wuhan and Xi'an have the ability to deliver software and hardware product solutions to ICT customers as a whole. MTN R&D constantly learns to benchmark with the world's leading companies and has been applying advanced management tools such as IPD and ISC for years, and has formed a standardized development model of IPD+Agile to achieve efficient and high-quality end-to-end product development and delivery capabilities. MTN R&D has a strong track record in appearance, structure, hardware, software (MTN R&D has experienced R&D teams in the design of Open WRT, Linux, Ecos and Vxworks platforms, and has experience in R&D and integration of new chip platforms, large projects and multi-domain collaboration, and is widely recognized and supported by many domestic and foreign well-known customers. MTN always keeps up with the frontier of communication technology to ensure that we can provide customers with the latest technology and the best cost-effective products at the first time.

         MTN ‘s manufacturing bases in Huizhou and Yancheng, which are two wholly owned subsidiaries, Huizhou MTN Weiye Technology Development Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Date-link Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.,  Through the scale of manufacturing base, the company gradually realize the layout of intelligent manufacturing and industrial ecology. The company has a complete range of industry, leading technology production equipment and instruments, including automatic printing machine, high-speed placement machine, multi-functional placement machine, automatic chain plug-in line, lead-free hot air twelve temperature zone reflow soldering, lead-free segmentation infrared temperature regulation preheating wave soldering, high frequency, X-Ray, automatic heat shrink film machine, automatic MTN, MTN Technology and Delianda have realized cloud-based information management, and the annual production scale exceeds 10 million units, which can fully meet the demand of global customers for high-quality and flexible mass delivery.

         MTN regards product quality as the foundation of the company's survival, and always insists on the quality policy of "quality-oriented, customer-focused, and continuous improvement". The company has passed ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, ISO27001, QC080000 and other quality, environmental safety, social responsibility and other management system certifications, as well as a series of international certifications, MTN has achieved ERP, PLM, MES, SRM and other cloud-based information management of the whole system, is fully promoting lean production, investing in intelligent manufacturing and industrial ecology, and insisting on building a world-class quality R&D and manufacturing manufacturer.

         MTN is committed to building corporate culture while continuing to develop, creating the corporate core values of "integrity, innovation, care, accumulation, and win-win" and the four major standards of pragmatism, rigor, efficiency, and hard work, providing diversified and personalized ODM/JDM/OEM services for global communication brands, operators, integrators and other customers. JDM/OEM services for global communication brands, operators, integrators and other customers to provide diversified, personalized ODM / JDM / OEM service unremitting efforts, the company is committed to become the network communications and Internet of things industry world-class R & D, manufacturing manufacturers, the company's staff sincerely hope to cooperate with customers to create a better future.