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Company History

February 2008       

Shenzhen MTN Electronics Co., Ltd was established

May 2009

Vietnam office set up, started MTN localization service model in global market

March 2010          

Moved to MTN industrial park, occupied an area of 20,000 square meters. Added 12 production lines, monthly output reached 1KK.

September 2010          

The IS09001:2008 certification was successfully renewed and the IS014001 certification system was introduced at the same time;

August 2011        

PLM, ERP, CRM integration was realized, and IPD process was implemented to fully implement systematic management;

In 2012

Increase the investment of innovative talents in Chengdu R&D Centers and continue to accumulate R&D Achievements; establish the optical communication Business Unit and plan to enter the XPON market.


Become the market leader of data module shipment in TV industry;


Expanded the plant to 35,000 square meters, STB delivered more than 3 million units, xPON and STB became the partners of many famous brands in domestic and overseas.


Upgrade MES to 3.0 and decide to continue layout in automated testing and production as well as Industry 4.0 deployment

In 2016           

Add Huizhou terminal factory, the first phase covers nearly 30,000 square meters, vigorously invest in automation-manufacturing to build a modern factory.


Delivery of class terminal products exceeds 10 million units; won the bid for the global shipment project of Top-Level B customer in ICT industry, organizing localized R&D tackle, and smoothly transferred over the point to production.


Easton (Yancheng, Jiangsu) factory Jiangsu Data-link Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd, officially put into production on August 13, 2018.


Winning the bid of Top-Level customer- A project in ICT industry, nearly 20 million units of class terminal products deliveried;  the land for Long gang headquarters was approved.

Wuhan R&D center established on November 26.


(Guangdong-Huizhou) South China Factory MTN IoT Industrial Park started construction; in the fight against the covid-19, A customer’s delivery was guaranteed, realizing the overall delivery of wireless router software and hardware, laying a foundation for high-quality wireless router delivery capabilities;


DeutscheTelekom AG factory audit approved; HRBP was formed and OKR was implemented; lean production and man-machine combination upgraded into 3.0, efficiency and quality improved; nearly 35 million units of class terminal products shipped; awarded quality trophies and strategic cooperation suppliers by many customers.


March 22 (Guangdong-Shenzhen-Longgang) MTN building construction began; August officially settled in (Guangdong-Huizhou) South China Factory MTN IOT Industrial Park, started a new journey.


MTN Building Successfully Topped Out, Adds Broadband Product Line