Epidemic condolences warm people's hearts, heart-warming employees send warmth

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Epidemic condolences warm people's hearts, heart-warming employees send warmth

Epidemic situation in Xi'an

At present, the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in Xi'an has entered a critical stage. On December 23, 2021, on this special day, all citizens of Xi'an were notified of home isolation. At present, they have been isolated at home for 15 days. The employees of the Xi'an branch are not affected by the epidemic. , still fully devote themselves to the work state, ensure the quality of the work, and complete the project.

In order to reflect the company's corporate culture of "care", the administrative department of the company condolences to the employees of the Xi'an branch and sent them fresh vegetables. In this special period, there are not too many words, a simple greeting, a simple concern, What is left is not only fresh vegetables, but also a warm blessing and touching, which warms the company's "care" for all employees.

Director Zhou of the General Manager's Office:

      High standards and high requirements for get off work, brothers and sisters after work, happy work and happy life.

In the fight against the epidemic, love and warmth accompany us

At present, the epidemic is still there, and everyone needs to continue to take precautions. Let us look forward to the spring flowers.

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