2024 MTN March Proposal Improvement Recognition Meeting

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2024 MTN March Proposal Improvement Recognition Meeting

Reduce cost and increase efficiency, improve quality and innovation, steady and far-reaching, on 18th April 2024, MTN South China Plant "March Proposal Improvement Commendation Meeting" was successfully held.

Awards presentation

A total of 173 effective proposals for improvement were received in March. After screening and evaluation by the Lean Expert Group, the outstanding proposals for improvement projects were finally selected: one first prize, two second prizes, and five third prizes, and the individuals and teams were honoured and presented with awards.

First prize for proposal improvement

《Switch Productivity Improvement》

Second Prize for Proposal Improvement

《Optimisation of manpower using plug-in machines》

《Reuse of secondary materials》

Third Prize for Proposal Improvement

《Switch testing automation》

《Optimise manpower for veneer testing robot arm》

《Router UPPH Improvement》

《Improvement of press-fit equipment and fixtures》

《Improvement of automatic code-crossing》

Prize Testimonials

Leadership summary

     Improvement, no matter how big or small, is an important driving force for the company to move forward. From the tiny optimisation of the production line to the innovative design of the overall process, all of them have condensed the staff's efforts and wisdom, and in the days to come, we hope that there will be more excellent proposals and teams coming to the fore, and together we will push the company to move forward to new heights.

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