Shenzhen Headquarter 2024 First Quarter Employee Birthday Party

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Shenzhen Headquarter 2024 First Quarter Employee Birthday Party

In the spring of April, Shenzhen headquarters ushered in the first quarter of 2024 staff birthday party. on April 12, the day, the company's staff gathered together to send the most sincere blessings and warm care for the birthday celebrities who had their birthdays in this quarter.


Elaborate preparation, pleasant atmosphere, warm environment, to the first quarter of the company headquarters birthday girls an unforgettable birthday party. Let's share the happiness together and record the beautiful moments.

Warm wishes

The party was opened in a warm and joyful atmosphere. On behalf of the company, Mr. Wang, the president of Human Resource Center, took the stage to deliver a speech and expressed her deep blessings and thanks to the birthday girls. She said that every employee is an indispensable member of the company's big family, and the company always pays attention to the growth and happiness of the employees, so that everyone can feel the care and warmth of the company.

Fun Games

A variety of interactive games were also set up on site. These games not only tested everyone's intelligence and reaction ability, but also increased the interactivity and fun of the activity. Employees actively participated, cooperated with each other and enjoyed the joy brought by the games.

Sweet Moment

Singing the familiar birthday hymn, the melody echoed in the air.

On the cake, candles flicker, reflecting every smiling face.

Wishes are silently made in the heart, looking forward to the beautiful moments of the future.

With the fall of the song, we blow out the candles together, symbolizing another year of growth.

It symbolizes the growth of another year and the departure of another journey.

The sweet cake melted in our mouths and the taste penetrated into our hearts.

Just like every moment of this birthday, it is full of endless joy.


The "Lucky Draw" session was the climax of the birthday celebration. Everyone is looking forward to be the one who is favored by the God of Luck, and everyone hopes to get the unexpected surprise. When the prizes were revealed one by one, and the laughter and cheers rose and fell, we knew that luck and happiness had come at this moment.

From youthful days to the burning of the sun.

Each year brings new missions and new milestones.

Each year's birthday is worth remembering.

In the coming days, let us continue to walk together

Let's continue to walk together in the days to come, and learn from each other's growth and blossom along the way.

Let's look forward to the next exciting event together.

Last but not least, we wish all the birthday celebrities a happy birthday!

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