MTN electronics Co.,ltd- precision research and innovation has become the core of culture

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Shenzhen MTN Electronics Co. Ltd. should be a leader in Pingdi street for  innovation and development . Huang Nengjun, as a “80’s generation” founder of " MTN electronics Co.,Ltd, is innovation and entrepreneurial goers. He has founded R & D, manufacturing and sales of network and digital products; In 2008, Mr Huang founded Shenzhen MTN Electronics Co. Ltd in Bantian,and moved the company to Pingdi two years later .
  Since 2012, the annual growth rate of the company's rapid growth , achieved double growth and became the top 20 for Ping Street taxpayer in 2015 ,was the top three big taxpayer in the first half of 2016 . And the key to the development of MTN is the core culture: innovation and development.
The company official Mr ou said, Shenzhen MTN Electronics Co. Ltd has always focused on product research and development, production, sales and service in network field , dedicated to provide diversified and personalized custom development services for global network brands, operators and integrators. Products cover switches, wireless communications equipment. After 8 years of development, the staff has expanded from less than 200 to more than 2 thousand people.
Precision R & D innovation. The core culture of MTN five culture  is innovation, the company's annual innovation investment is more than 20 million RMB  , The total innovation investment are more than 100 million RMB since 2012. It has created six major product lines at present , has a very complete product system and independent research and development system. MTN continued to increase R & D investment and technology accumulation, In recent years, corporate R & D team become more and more strength, research equipment, laboratory and testing center to maintain industry-leading level, the company and has established a deep relationship with industry well-known chip manufacturers . MTN has been achieved including switches, wireless hardware and software 160 patents, including 6 invention patents, the number of patent applications are not included, and become a national high-tech enterprise in 2011.
 “There are more than 60 countries sale our products at present, the domestic well-known such as HUAWEI, ZTE, millet, 360, Youku and other brands, including midea as well as several smart TV manufacturers who have very close cooperation with us." The sales manager of the company said, . MTN will continue to aim innovation and development as its next step ,  build a world-class researcher and  manufacturer in the .network communication industry .
——Excerpts from the October 18, 2016 "Shenzhen Evening News" and "Shenzhen daily"

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