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In the sunshine September 10th , the first MTN "Eagle program" to enhance the ability of team leader training camp officially started, training camp for a period of two days of general class contains the theory training day and Outward bound training day, The students feel full and productive during the two days training . This activity also further enhance MTN core foundation characters, the comprehensive ability, strengthen team cohesion, solidarity and cooperation ability of team leaders.
The first day of the opening ceremony speech is made by Mr. Du Siliang, director of the center for human resources . The purpose and significance of this training camp is clearly defined through the speech. Let the students know clearly the necessity of learning.
Then the students watched the "brokeback girl" Yang Pei China dream show programmes , some students share their feelings, believe that only stongthen themselves body and heart , can not easily heat down by difficulty.In the rest course, manufacturing center director Wu shaolin share the core courses "outstanding team leader" for the students. quality center director Long Zhengxiang  share the [all members basic knowledge of quality ] which the core idea is "quality is produced, not inspection ";Manufacture management office Peng Zhenhua supervisor brought a classic course "the basic knowledge of 5 s" in the management;  Engineering department manager Zhang Chen cheng manager share the "eight big waste" courses, analysis the waste of manufacturing process from the different view of cost, and presented the reason and countermeasure .

Student benefited from the course of the first day , draw their growth nutrients from different courses, found their windows to value and solve the problems, Set foot on the road that they thought was the right way to go .
On the second day, We ushered in our "old friends”instructor of 100 years of special training camp, launched a short day to expand training, so there were more than a relationship between the students, it is "comrade"!  After one day of training, comrades experienced  the "build a team"  "innovation winner" "together"  " hostage rescue " four team tasks, each task is a challenge to the trust, teamwork ability, endurance between comrades , but all comrades done great work . In the " hostage rescue "  task ,36 comrades challenged the 3500 lap victory circle, There were comrades at the end said, "I really dying, finally is to rely on perseverance ", some comrades were even raw ! "Is the beginning of the 3500 circle, not to let it go, even if it is painful but they stood it well , “if failure is a joke, don't let this be a joke, let everyone to worship and recognition." Comrades said in the share summary .

They are the core foundation characters to build and enhance MTN, Build and enhance team leader is precious wealth for MTN growth step by step .
"Eagle program" is to make an eagle flying in the sky, fly up the eagle. The training camp is to train the MTN eagle. Has effectively enhanced the comprehensive ability of the team leader  from this activity ,  strengthen the construction of talent team, a good preparation for the workshop grass-roots management, effectively construct a leader team with cohesion force and team working force!

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