Unexpected growth, birthdays come as promised | The first quarter birthday party will be held warmly

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·Employee birthday party·

Years witness growth,

Time engraves happiness,

the birth of life,

Gives birthdays special meaning.

a cry,

Inform the world of your arrival.

Every birthday is worth remembering;

One's birthday is one's own pleasure;

Two people's birthdays are harmonious and sweet;

The birthdays of a group of people are worth remembering forever;

MTN will witness this tender moment with you.

must be a special fate,

we will be together,

And every happy moment that belongs to the family,

MTN in mind,

MTN has a great time with you.

April 27

Shenzhen MTN Headquarters

The company arranged a special birthday "party"

Let's all spend time together

Thank the company with laughter

enjoy your happy time

Go to a good date together

Carefully arranged birthday party scene

Dazzling food

And happy laughter

It's not just a birthday party

It's a time with neighbors

the deepest love,

deepest love,

blow out the birthday candles together,

Let's make new wishes together.

sing a birthday hymn,

taste a sweet cake,

play a fun game,

There is no shortage of good moments.

Good times are always short,

This birthday will come to an end,

be grateful,

MTN learns and grows with you.

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