Three swords to improve MTN's organisational capability

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Three swords to improve MTN's organisational capability

On 2 November 2023, Mr. Huang held a seminar with the core backbone of the R&D, marketing and project management teams at the headquarters in Shenzhen, and made an important deployment and speech around how to further enhance MTN's organisational and operational efficiency and R&D capability.

"Processes and standardisation"

Firstly, we need to be in awe of process and standardisation, and we need to emphasise the value of process


The development of the netcom field is always closely linked with the Internet and high-end technology, the market is changing rapidly, and the needs of customers are scattered, changing, diversified and personalised, only with the unchanged process and standardisation to cope with the market to cope well with the changes, in order to cope with the changes.


Process and standardisation, the need to connect the market, technology and production, the implementation of R & D standardisation, the implementation of end-to-end process optimisation and closed-loop management, so as to enhance the efficiency of product development and the realization of R & D, procurement, manufacturing cost linkage and reduction.


MTN's multiple product lines, multiple customers and the competitive landscape of the market determine the importance of strengthening and consolidating standardisation and process. In particular, the implementation of R&D technology standardisation, including modularisation, integration, tooling, formwork and a series of other technologies, materials, processes and a series of standardised implementation, in order to form the value of organisational processes and standardisation. After the process, standardisation will reduce the dependence on individual capabilities, process and standardisation is an organisational capability, in the process of process and standardisation to build MTN's strong R & D organisational capabilities. Only process and standardisation can make scale and automation possible. Standardisation and process advancement will be the most important mission of MTN organisation in these years, and cadres at all levels must pay attention to the idea and take active actions to make the standardisation and process work solid.

"Talent system and talent ladder construction"

Secondly, it is very important to build the MTN R&D talent training and training system. To make good use of training, rotation, rotation, the smallest combat unit, project management and other talent system, the training, rotation, rotation, the smallest combat unit, project management and other tools to integrate, HRBP to go deep into the business, the training system to build up. The process of building the training system and cultivation is the process of raising the "fish", the process of establishing the talent echelon, through this system, the formation of assistant workers, engineers, intermediate engineers, senior engineers, experts and other talent echelons, the formation of MTN's internal talent supply chain. HRBP should not only train and cultivate talents for business departments, but also assist employing departments in identifying, appointing, promoting and motivating high-potential talents, relying on the talent mechanism to duplicate talents, and creating a good talent supply chain within Maiden. In the next few years, the company will need a large number of talents in various business chains, and to build up MTN's own talent mechanism and talent ladder must be put in the hearts of cadres at all levels and implemented in action.

"Organisational optimisation and change"

Finally, the R & D field in the double total, Lin manager and other efforts, we in the implementation of standardisation, process, promote the mechanism of success, talent ladder building mechanism, but also must be in the organisational optimisation and change to do a good job in the promotion. The ultimate goal of the Maiden R&D organisation and the entire organisational change is based on customer value, on internal process optimisation, standardisation and promotion, and on the supply of talent at important nodes of each organisation and process nodes. Through organisational optimisation (merging, reducing, optimising, adjusting), organisational performance upgrading, process-based authorisation system, organisational incentives, standardisation and process-oriented measures, we will create a fast-responding, low-cost and high-performing Maiden organisation. Organisational optimisation and change will involve the interests of some vested interests, we must tear down the departmental walls and the walls of our thinking. Market demand is changing, customers are changing, our organisation must also change. We need our cadres at all levels, we need to let go of our vision, make a bigger cake and seek greater development.


Process, standardisation, talent system and talent echelon building, organisational optimisation and change, is to build MTN R & D organisation and other organisations of the organisational capacity of the three swords, but also all the company's cadres in the next few years should be focused on tackling the problem, these three things are also an important dimension to measure the cadres' performance, the cadres at all levels must be in-depth thinking, solid action, and to achieve tangible results.

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