The first batch of cooperation between enterprises and schools in East China Factory is dedicated to

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A New Journey Together

School-enterprise cooperation for development

Monthly Celebrations

     The first batch of students from the school-enterprise cooperation to enter the internship position has been "full moon", Huadong factory deliberately held a celebration for them in the form of democratic life meeting.

Students and teachers gather with company leaders

Implementing the school-enterprise cooperation policy

     The head of the East China plant spoke highly of the positive spirit of the interns and encouraged the students to seize the great opportunity and study hard to achieve their aspirations in life.

Opening speech

Message from the company leader

Message from the Head of School

Student representative testimonial

Share the sweetness

     In the process of collaborative education with schools, it not only provides a platform for students to practice, exercise and grow, but also effectively promotes the mutual integration of production, teaching and research between schools and employers, helping schools and enterprises to deepen cooperation and develop together in various fields.

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