Unity and Striving|Creating the Future Together - A spring training activity for MTN Shenzhen R&D Ce

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Unity and Strive

Creating the future together

      In order to enrich the spare time cultural life of staff and advocate the concept of healthy life and happy work, MTN Shenzhen R&D Centre recently organised a group building activity.

A beautiful spring day has arrived

Smell a flower, see the grass green

In this season of hope

We're off!

     One group, one mind, one team. Cooperation, understanding, trust and support are the core points of this game, so let's unite, think in one place and work together towards the goal!

     The cohesiveness, execution and creativity among our group building was reflected in the relaxed and happy fun sports, our team is the best!

First place: Rampage

Second place: Against the odds team

Third place: Elite Team

      Everyone strolled in the warm spring sunshine, sometimes taking photos, sometimes stopping to exchange ideas, enjoying a pleasant spring day, getting in touch with nature and pressing the pause button on their busy lives.

     It is said that there is no trouble that cannot be solved by one barbecue, and if there is, then two. During the barbecue, everyone showed their different barbecue methods and skills, and enjoyed their own barbecued food while chatting about some interesting things in their lives and work.

We had a lot of fun

The strength of the team

The trust of our peers

A group of people, one heart, together

The future is bright!

Group photo

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