"Thank You" --A Report from Staff Birthday Party

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For the practice of the corporate culture of "integrity, innovation, caring, accumulation, win-win", the company held the first quarter staff birthday party at 7 pm March 30, 2017 in staff training room showing one of corporate cultures of "love". The members from human resource centers were ready to various delicious snacks and diversified games for this warm party.

The birthday party kicks off with an enthusiastic greeting from compere at 7 pm. The host announces who birthday persons are and send them a sincere greeting wishing a career progress and a happy life.

 Next, games are continued one after another and birthday persons take part in it actively. Everyone enjoy this happy time.

A new employee said that he is so surprised for so many people celebrate his birthday and hold a birthday party for him. He is really moved and very thanks for other employee’s caring as well.
“Happy birthday to you......”the whole lights are closed and the member from human resources center appears up holding a birthday cake when this familiar and beautiful melody set. Birthday person close their eyes and make a wish along with birthday song. And then, it is time to cut and eat cake. Every birthday person gets a present at the end of this party.

The human resources center will host more collective activities in the future to make every staff happy in MTN this big family.



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