“Reunion, send blessings”staff birthday party!

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    In early December, the company union for nearly more than 80 employees collective birthday, by the staff of the rave reviews.
    That evening, "the union of" bright lights, very warm, the middle is spreading ten pieces of long, the stage is filled with peanuts, melon seeds, beverage, candy, such as food, long full was invited to a birthday party on both sides of the Taiwan union members. At the party, the human resources, the director of the centre for Mr Du Siliang on behalf of the union made a brief speech, explaining the main idea of the party, on behalf of the enterprise on the kind of birthday wishes for you.

In order to better care for employees, magotan electronic union regularly held birthday party and worker friends often contact feelings, enhance friendship, let the union image rooted in worker, in the heart actually reflects as a trade union.


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