Join in Pingdi street "guangdong help poor day" activities

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To implement the general secretary in the fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, the poverty alleviation work on poverty alleviation and Development Conference and the Xi Jinping series of speech,Shenzhen MTN Electronics Co.Ltd actively participate in the Pingdi Street Party Working Committee,Street cadres and other staff members of the organization and other organizations ,to help the streets of poverty alleviation and development of “shuangdao”to help to raise funds for work.The general manager of the company, Mr. Huang Nengjun ,donated 80,000 RMB on behalf of Shenzhen MTN Electronics Co.Ltd.Pingdi Street Party committee secretary Zhong Chunping on behalf of Pingdi Street Scene donations, and awarded honorary plaque for our company.With practical action , Shenzhen MTN Electronics Co.Ltd show a good corporate social responsibility and dedication of great love.It reflects the spirit of "caring" Shenzhen MTN Electronics Co.Ltd enterprise culture implementation effect.

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