Ai Smart Speaker

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Category Function Demand / Standard
Operating system   Linux 3.10 and above
Storage (Linux) RAM 128MB DDR3 or above
ROM 128MB or above
Audio certification The whole machine supports Dolby Trumpet or DTS certification. The whole machine supports Dolby Trumpet or DTS certification, and passes relevant tests.
Wireless connections WiFi Support for 2.4GHz band 802.11 b/g/n
WiFi mode Support Qplay
WiFi protocol Support IPv4 protocol and IPv6 protocol
Bluetooth Support BT4.0 or above
Bluetooth mode Support at least A2DP mode
Left and right channel Support left and right channel mode when connecting two speakers
Microphone array specification 2× MEMS omnidirectional microphone and above
Sound source localization 360° (horizontal direction)
Echo cancellation (AEC) Supports mono, support two-channel 
Broadcast interruption Support free-cut, continuous wake-up
Wake distance Support the farthest wake-up distance of not less than 5m
Recognition distance Support the farthest recognition distance of not less than 5m
False awakening rate <1 time / day
speaker Speaker power Output power &ge; 2W
speaker 1&times; full range speaker and above
Frequency Range At least 80Hz-18kHz
Touch button Forbidden wheat key Short press to disable the microphone monitoring function and speaker mute function
play / Pause Short press to play/pause current content / long press 3.5s to enable Bluetooth pairing mode
Adjust the volume button Adjust the speaker's playback volume increase/decrease
Reset Can be reused with other keys
LED lights LED Prompt speaker status by displaying different colors
Accessories Adapter line At least 1 meter
pickup Pickup distance Not less than 3 meters @ 65dB External noise environment
Pickup success rate Within 5 meters @ 40dB Outside noise environment 95% and above
Within 5 meters @ 65dB External noise environment 80% and above
wake Wake up delay Response time is less than 1S
Continuous wake-up interval response time Support continuous response, response interval is less than 2S
Debug interface USB or product internal UART log output support
Support remote network access, view, firmware upgrade, etc., require local fast, batch effective support
Atmospheric environmental adaptability requirements Temperature, &deg;C Work: 0 &deg; C ~ 40 &deg; C; storage: -20 &deg; C ~ 55 &deg; C
Relative humidity,% Work & Storage: 20~90;
Air pressure, kPa Work & Storage: 86 kPa ~ 106kPa

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