Ai Smart Speaker

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Three core scenes:

Smart home:
Control smart appliances with smart speaker speech

Speaker entertainment:
After the TV is turned on, smart speakers 
turn into intelligent voice speakers

TV on demand:
After the TVturns on, thesmart speakerturnsinto 
voice magic hundred and

Massive on demand resources
More than one million film resources, more variety 
shows, television shows, and animation films for 
the whole family to enjoy. Whether you are any age,
it can quickly find the favorite programs for you.
Live TV playback
Contains more than 100 TV channels, regardless
of CCTV, TV, local TV stations can watch; channel 
service supports 3 hours time shift, 4 days column 
look back function, exciting content to look at it

Genuine music appreciation
Smart speakers can also be turned into intelligent 
voice speakers. Pop music, rock music, hip-hop 
music, classical music, tens of thousands of music 
songs, you immediately play
Smart Home Control
A home control command, smart home function can 
help you turn on the air conditioner, turn off the TV, 
turn off the lights, you can easily use without the 
appliance remote control

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