2023MTN Q4 Quarterly Proposal Improvement Recognition Meeting

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2023MTN Q4 Quarterly Proposal Improvement Recognition Meeting

In the ever-changing industrial era, innovation is the core driving force to promote the development of enterprises. on January 17th, South China plant held a Q4 proposal improvement commendation meeting to recognize the individuals and teams who have made lean contributions to the development of the plant in Q4.

Awards presentation

In the Q4 quarter, the company received a total of 409 excellent proposals, combined with the evaluation of professional departments, after layers of screening, selected one excellent proposal improvement project first prize, three second prizes and six third prizes, and awarded the corresponding awards.

first prize

Routing Device 3-in-1 Import

Second Prize

《Optimization of bagging & sealing by 3 persons. 》

《Robot K-value》

《Terminal UPPH Improvement》

Third Prize

Reduction of equipment cost investment

Terminal UPPH Efficiency Improvement

Optimization of Test Instrument Reduction

Modification of Aging Vehicle Electric Box

Improvement of hand-posting to machine-posting of fixtures.

Improvement of UPPH


The excellent proposal employees not only received honorary certificates and prizes, but also shared their proposal experience and insights. Through their narrations, every employee present deeply felt the importance of innovation and improvement, and inspired everyone to actively participate in the proposal improvement work.

Leadership summary

     Mr. Huang, the general manager, congratulated and thanked the award-winning employees in Q4, and said that in the future, the factory will continue to increase the investment and support for the proposal improvement work, and provide more training and learning opportunities for the employees. At the same time, the factory will also continue to improve the proposal improvement mechanism, encourage employees to put forward more creative and practical value of the proposal, and jointly promote the South China factory to a new height.

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