MTN Headquarter building topping out ceremony successfully completed

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On December 10th, MTN headquarters building held a topping-out ceremony in Baolong Science and Technology City. With the sincere cooperation of all the brother units, the Group's General Manager Mr. Huang and Deputy General Manager Mr. Li led the company's executives, managers and high-potential talents to join hands with all the participating units and friends from all walks of life who have been continuously paying attention to and supporting MTN to witness the glorious topping out of MTN's headquarter building.

The dragon and lion dot in the eyes

The general manager Mr. Huang and the construction leader Mr. Zhu made a noble stroke for the sleeping auspicious lion, which gave life and spirit to the dragon and lion, so that it can bless our home and bring vitality, good luck and good fortune to the MTN headquarters building, soaring above the nine heavens.

New Employee Speech

Both representatives of new employees expressed their expectations for the company and their visions for the future. They injected fresh blood and vitality into MTN, and we believe that with the joint efforts of everyone, we will create a more brilliant tomorrow for MTN together.

Speech by the General Manager

The General Manager delivered a speech:

First of all, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all the guests and colleagues present here today. At the same time, I would like to pay high tribute to the laborers who have been working hard on the construction site of the project.

After 223 days of hard work, we have successfully completed 40,000 square meters of usable area, including a 20-story office building and a 12-story staff apartment package. This headquarter building is located in the center area of Baolong CBD, marking an important milestone for Maiden - the big topping out of MTN's headquarter building!

 A new journey has begun and we will continue to move forward. Our working environment is first-class, with a professional team and first-class talents. Our operation model is efficient and diversified, including a Shenzhen headquarters, two industrial parks and five R&D centers for efficient synergy.

We will carry first-class product innovation and provide first-class product quality and delivery. We will always adhere to the customer-centered approach and are committed to continuously creating world-class services. We will forge ahead and work hard to achieve the "1123 Project" in 3 to 5 years to realize the company's strategic goals.

Finally, I sincerely invite new and old customers, leaders, partners and friends to visit MTN Headquarters. Thank you for your continuous support and trust, and we look forward to witnessing the future development of MTN with you!

Topping Out Ceremony

Leaders, the golden shovels opened together to complete the pouring of the last side of cement, MTN headquarters building was officially topped out, which also marks the company is about to usher in a new stage of development.

MTN Headquarters Building Rendering          

MTN's headquarters building is located in Baolong Science and Technology City, a government-led industrial park with many high-tech enterprises. The GDP growth rate of Baolong Street ranks first in Longgang District. It has convenient transportation, good commercial and entertainment facilities, as well as schools and hospitals to provide education and medical care. With the high-quality development of Baolong Science and Technology City, MTN will be confident and its employees will be able to work and live happily here.

Take a group photo as a souvenir

MTN headquarters building and apartment dormitory building for MTN struggling contributors to create peace of mind, happy struggling environment, we will be more efficient, more popularity, better service to customers, customer achievement! MT's struggling people, in order to create a better future together, together!

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