MTN 2023 QCC Improvement Achievement and Six Sigma Presentation Conference

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MTN 2023 QCC Improvement Achievement and Six Sigma Presentation Conference

On the morning of 11th November, MTN 2023 QCC Improvement Achievement and Six Sigma Publishing Conference was successfully held in South China Plant. MTN General Manager Mr. Huang, Plant Quality Director Mr. Chen, Plant Operation Director Mr. Yao attended this conference, formed the evaluation team and published the evaluation results of 10 circle groups and 3 Six Sigma projects.

Message from the Leader

Speech by Mr Huang

Mr Huang firstly affirmed the QCC improvement results and Six Sigma project publication, and pointed out that the group needs professional consultants and guidance when researching the topic to avoid the situation of working behind closed doors. At the same time, the team members should have a dialectical and multi-dimensional perspective to analyse the topic, dig deep into the root causes of the problems, find effective solutions, and ensure the effectiveness of the countermeasures, the popularity of the implementation, and the inheritance of the experience. Only in this way can the value of subject improvement be reflected.

Speech by Mr Chen

The QCC improvement results and Six Sigma project publication is an important milestone on the road to quality management for our plant, and a testimony to our team's common pursuit of excellence and continuous improvement. I am proud and honoured of our employees, your hard work and dedication are the key to our factory's achievements.

Publication of the subject and presentation of the results

Presentation Site

At the meeting, the representatives of each circle group made a speech one by one on the outstanding topics recommended by the unit, and through data-based comparative analysis, they elaborated on the process of promoting the whole cycle of the topics from the selection of the theme to the setting of objectives, from the argumentation and analysis to the formulation of strategies, and from the implementation of countermeasures to the inspection and consolidation, and showed the target achievements.

Selection for excellence and award of honours

Leadership Awards

Six Sigma Excellence Award

《Improve SPI one time through rate》

《Improvement of one-time yield rate of veneer testing》

《Reducing Task Order In-Process Cycle Time》

First Prize

《Special Improvement for Reducing Label Printing Failures》

Second Prize

《False Test Improvement Special》

《Reducing the defective rate of SMT process of switches》

Third Prize

《Special Improvement of Switchboard Appearance》

《Improvement of Logistics and Transportation Cost Reduction》

《Maintenance WIP daily cleaning project》

participation award

Take a group photo and build up your strength

We will continue to deepen our quality management improvement activities as an important engine to drive the development of our company. Through continuous improvement and innovation, we will continuously optimise the production process, improve product quality and reduce costs to adapt to market changes and customer needs. We firmly believe that only by constantly breaking through ourselves and moving forward can we be invincible in the competition. Let's work hand in hand and strive to achieve our goal!

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