School-enterprise cooperation opens up a new road | Industry-education integration creates a new cha

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School-enterprise cooperation opens a new road

A new chapter in the integration of education and industry

In order to further implement the strategic goal of "accelerating the construction of national strategic talent force and striving to cultivate more masters ...... artisans and highly skilled talents" proposed by General Secretary Xi Jinping in the report of the 20th Party Congress, and to further carry out the integration of industry and education, school-enterprise Jiangsu Date-link Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Yancheng Yunke Technical School held a signing ceremony for school-enterprise cooperation.

Both parties agree that Jiangsu Date-link Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. will be the off-campus internship base of Jiangsu Yancheng Yunke Technical School, provide highly technical internship positions for the interns, assign technical talents with high technical level as the instructors of the interns, provide a good learning and living environment for the interns and The school also assigns technical talents of high technical level to be the supervisors of the interns, and provides the interns with good learning and living environment and employment positions for the graduates, and issues certain living allowance for the interns to help them complete their studies successfully. As the skill training base of Jiangsu Date-link Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Yancheng Yunke Technical School arranges internships for students with good academic performance and recommends excellent graduates to enterprises for employment.

In order to implement the talent training model of engineering integration, the two sides agreed that starting from the fall semester of 2022, the enterprise will set up the "title class of Jiangsu Date-link Intelligent Technology Co. The school and the enterprise will jointly develop the talent training program and jointly prepare the curriculum plan, and the enterprise will select outstanding technicians to participate in the school's curriculum teaching and give priority to the qualified graduates of the title class. The school assigns qualified teachers to lead the interns, participate in the production practice and management of the enterprises, and take the enterprises as the first choice of employment for the graduates, so as to guarantee the development of the enterprises in terms of talents.

After the agreement was signed, Jiangsu Date-link Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. immediately prepared an internship position for the school, and all the students of the two classes arranged for internship in our company on October 15, 2022 are in place. We believe that under the guidance of the spirit of the Party's "20th Congress" and the joint efforts of the school and the enterprise, the three parties of "school, enterprise and students" will win together!

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