MTN process optimisation kick-off meeting

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On July 2, MTN Process Optimisation Kick-off Meeting was grandly held in South China Plant, aiming to improve the company's overall operational efficiency and market responsiveness by comprehensively reviewing and optimising the business processes, so as to lay a solid foundation for building up the competitiveness of the enterprise and achieving the strategic goals.

Message from the General Manager

Mr. Huang said that the persons in charge of each department of the company should pay attention to this work, and through the continuous optimisation of the process, so as to improve the company's management ability. The implementation of the internal control system can fully grasp the risk situation, timely and reasonable adjustment of the business activities of the enterprise, try to reduce the incidence of risk, to achieve scientific risk prevention, in order to fundamentally improve the management efficiency and economic benefits of the enterprise.


Audit Department blue manager of the company's process optimisation statement. Detailed sorting out the company's process use profile and various types of process usage and approval node statistics, the current existence of too many process approval nodes and unclear rights and responsibilities, part of the process of using the wrong problem, the process of setting up, adjusting the support of the standardised documents, part of the process categorisation of irregularities and other issues were analysed and explained.

The company set up a "Process Optimisation Team" with the General Manager Huang as the team leader and the Audit Manager Blue as the executive officer, leading the departments to optimise and sort out the process, review and analyse the problems of the process in the daily work, make clear the approval rights and responsibilities of each node of the whole process, and formulate a manual for the approval authority of each process. To ensure that the authority and responsibility of each node is clear and the risk of the matter is controllable.

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MTN will take this meeting as an opportunity to establish a sound process system, improve the management system, turn the process system into an operable management tool, standardise the management behaviour, reduce the management risk, improve the quality and efficiency of work, and promote the effective implementation of all management work.

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