MTN 2024 Organisational Performance Signing Ceremony Successfully Held

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MTN 2024 Organisational Performance Signing Ceremony Successfully Held

In order to achieve the strategic development objectives for the year 2024, the Group formulated corresponding performance appraisal responsibility letters according to the development level of each business segment and responsible department.On 27 April 2024, MTN 2024 Annual Performance Target Signing Ceremony was held in South China Plant. General Manager Mr Huang signed the 2024 annual performance target responsibility letter with the heads of each business division.

Message from the Leader

The signing of the performance indicator responsibility letter is to better clarify the task and strengthen the responsibility. The general manager sent a message to all colleagues to work with a high sense of responsibility and full of enthusiasm, and work together to reach the company's strategic development goals for the year 2024.

Signing ceremony

In the common witness of the participants, the general manager signed the annual performance appraisal responsibility letter with the corresponding department heads in charge in turn; this allows the person in charge to more profoundly understand the importance of performance appraisal, and effectively enhance the sense of responsibility and urgency of the work, prompting the top and bottom of the unity of purpose, pay close attention to the implementation of the Group, and promote the high-quality development of the Group.


In 2024, the company plans to achieve efficient, quantitative and unified operation of the operation system through the learning and use of comprehensive budget and DBS system. With a customer-centric approach, we are committed to becoming a first-class enterprise with high quality and on-time delivery that satisfies our customers by utilising tools such as lean management, DBS system and built-in quality. 2024 will see a further unification of management methodologies, with the heads of each area further solidifying their processes, strengthening their organisations, and promoting competence growth in order to improve all key indicators. The team is confident and determined to pursue excellence in a competitive market environment to ensure performance targets and mission achievement.

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