Labour Day Tribute to Model Workers

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Labour Day Tribute to Model Workers

They run in the front line, fearless of wind and rain and hard work; they are in ordinary positions, silent perseverance and dedication. They are the strugglers of the new era. On the occasion of Labour Day, let's pay tribute to the most beautiful workers!

May Day Labour Model Showcase

Shenzhen R&D Centre Li Run

He is now serving as an assistant engineer in R&D and testing, and he has been working hard and conscientiously in his position, and he has completed all the work assigned by the leadership excellently. Always adhere to the ‘Integrity  Innovation  Caring  Accumulation  Win-Win’ as a person and work for the guiding ideology, ‘pragmatic, rigorous, efficient, hard work’ of the ‘four major standards of work’. As a driving force, we carry out all the work based on our own duties.

In terms of hardware testing, we complete each test project on time, and deliver the test to the relevant major customers every year. In the router project, we cooperate to complete the product testing, get the customer's approval, and realise the smooth transfer of the product to the production. At the same time, he is also the winner of ‘Outstanding Employee’ in the year of 2023.

Chengdu R&D Centre Zheng Bangqi

Now serving as a software development engineer position, his golden years, jumping in a line of code, learning knowledge, drilling technology, work than skills, performance, hard-working. Responsible for a variety of product performance testing, maintenance, debugging, due diligence, positive attitude. Collaboration to solve a number of more serious performance problems, encountered difficulties in a timely manner to report, according to the test data for exploration and investigation to solve the problem, the face of the problem put forward by the customer to actively locate and promote the original factory to solve the problem, hard-working. He is not afraid of difficulties, hard work, with indisputable praise to conquer others and win respect.

He has won the quarterly quality red list for many times, and in March 2023, he was awarded the AC1200/AX1505 project outstanding contribution award, and is also the winner of the 2023 ‘Excellent Contribution Award’.

Wuhan R&D Centre Peng Xuejin

Now serving in the position of equipment test engineer, in the R & D project, actively pull through the various fields to collect the verification programme, regular use of Sunday breaks, to support the software test co-ordination verification, in the software cut new branch stage, in advance of the discovery of the burning test NV instructions after the problem of misalignment, DDR, WiFi aging failure problems and effective interception, to promote pre-testing issues closed loop and quasi-out to protect the production line test production smoothly. Work conscientiously, build test environment and maintenance, according to the different test requirements of customers to formulate the corresponding test plan and complete the verification, in the V3 stage, for the prototype aging CPU over-temperature problems, and actively assist the customer to analyse and verify the feasibility of the solution measures.

In the project is responsible for product pre-testing and production simulation verification work, dedicated, proactive, support software and equipment testing and verification, in order to ensure that the pre-testing work is completed on schedule, often work overtime, hard work, play an exemplary role as a model of labour for project team members.

Xi'an R&D Centre Lu Chen

Currently serving as a software WiFi short distance development engineer position, R & D projects as an interface, actively cooperate with the company and leadership to deal with the affairs of the group, the reasonable distribution of existing manpower, one month ahead of schedule to complete the delivery, and actively assist the team to solve the problem, and actively travelling to support the Wuhan R & D (branch) project, to help the project on time to ensure the quality of delivery.

Yancheng Engineering Centre Han Xiaotao

He is now serving as ME engineer, he is strict with himself, serious and responsible for the work, love and dedication, obey the overall arrangements, dedicated to their work, hardworking, hardworking, fully embodies the ‘my equipment I am responsible for, my work, please rest assured that’ standard of work.

In order to complete the urgent work, he worked overtime, regardless of personal gains and losses, to promote the work of this post more efficiently forward, the technical level is also in the study of continuous improvement. With the increase of business volume and technical improvement, he introduced some new equipments and made lean improvement in the installation and commissioning of new equipments, so that the capacity and quality can be improved and guaranteed.

Huizhou Manufacturing Terminal Group Li jiali

She is now working as PQE Assistant Engineer, she has solid technical expertise, and is able to use various tools and methods to analyse, evaluate, improve and optimise products, processes and systems.In December 2023, she was awarded as excellent employee of the year.

In Q3/Q4 2023, the PCN audit pass rate increased from 40% to 95%, and in October 2023, she followed up the new project successfully. 2024, she intercepted more than 20 internal quality exceptions.

May Day - Tribute to Labourers

They run in the front line, fearless of wind and rain and hard work

They are in the ordinary post, silent perseverance

They are the strugglers and labourers of the new era

Let's pay tribute to the model workers on Labour Day!

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