Lean Improvement】|The 2023 MTN "Quality Season" campaign is in full swing

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2023 MTN Quality Season Event

     In order to steadily improve product quality and further safeguard the quality lifeline of the enterprise, a three-month "Quality Season" campaign was recently launched in South China Factory.

     MTN has set up a special quality activity group headed by General Manager Mr. Huang, with quality and technical personnel as members, and has identified the topics of continuous product quality optimization, such as "standard three rate achievement, field present closure rate, PF (comprehensive straight-through rate), primary maintenance pass rate and 12H maintenance timely rate".

Full mobilisation

     Members of the Quality Promotion Team delivered a presentation on the theme of "Quality Season" through product quality knowledge, activity descriptions and quality thinking. All MTN staff were mobilised to participate and take action in order to ensure that every quality barrier was met.

All-round guide

       The quality promotion group held quality season activities at the same time, combined with the members of each group's own job characteristics and work content, the production of oaths and military orders, quality is everyone's responsibility.

Oath taking site

Signing of military orders

      The general manager led the members of each group to sign the military order, each name represents a responsibility, a determination, a commitment, a confidence, representing the confidence and determination of Maxten people to pay close attention to quality.

Leadership Summary

Summary by Mr. Huang

     We should take the "Quality Season" series of activities as an opportunity to firmly establish the quality awareness of all staff, create a good atmosphere of "everyone pays attention to quality, everyone pays attention to quality", and make every effort to promote the high-quality development of enterprises!

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