General Manager Huang Nengjun attended the second meeting of the 7th Shenzhen Municipal People's Con

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April is in full swing

Shenzhen two sessions

Doing hard work, starting a new situation, and striving for the future

      On the morning of April 11, the first plenary meeting and opening ceremony of the Second Session of the Seventh Shenzhen Municipal People's Congress was grandly held in the Civic Center. Huang Nengjun, general manager of MTN, and more than 400 deputies to the Municipal People's Congress attended the meeting with the people's great trust, and conscientiously performed the sacred duties entrusted by the Constitution and laws.

meeting venue

      The opening meeting was presided over by Luo Wenzhi, the executive chairman and executive chairman of the presidium of the meeting. At the meeting, Qin Weizhong, Mayor of Shenzhen Municipal People's Government, made a government work report to the conference. The report pointed out that in 2021, Shenzhen's economic development will reach a new level, and the city's GDP will exceed 3.07 trillion yuan, an increase of 6.7%. He also emphasized ten aspects of work: seize the major opportunity of the "double reform" demonstration, and promote reform and opening up in depth; give full play to the overall effect of the whole process innovation ecological chain, and build a technological and industrial innovation highland with global influence; Adhere to the establishment of manufacturing industry is the foundation of the city, enhance the competitiveness of the modern industrial system; implement the strategy of expanding domestic demand, and enhance the smooth domestic and international dual circulation function; Adhere to the people's city for the people, build and manage the city with embroidery effort; Practice Xi Jinping's ecological civilization thought , deeply fight the tough battle of pollution prevention and the protracted battle of ecological civilization construction; Focus on safeguarding and improving people's livelihood, and build a people's livelihood development pattern of joint construction, joint governance and shared prosperity; In-depth implementation of the strategy of strengthening the city with culture, and continuously improving the cultural influence of the city; Creating a rule of law first demonstration cities, comprehensively improve the level of rule of law construction; Adhere to and strengthen the overall leadership of the party, and build a service-oriented government that the people are satisfied with.

Huang Nengjun, General Manager of MTN

Photo by Longgang Fusion Media reporter Li Kai

      Huang Nengjun, general manager of MTN, brought suggestions on the life support of scientific and technological R&D talents and advanced manufacturing technical talents.

The general manager is interviewed

      "Whether it is a technological innovation enterprise or an advanced manufacturing enterprise, the core production factor is talents." Huang Nengjun said frankly that with the increase in living costs, we must try to keep these talents in Shenzhen as soon as possible. "Housing security is the most basic demand for scientific research talents and technical talents." Huang Nengjun said that only people can live in place, in order to retain the hearts of talents.     

      "Although the number of public housing and supply allocations in our city is increasing every year, there is still a certain gap to meet the needs of enterprises and talents." In this regard, Huang Nengjun suggested to explore the ratio of innovative land properties to meet the needs of enterprises for talent housing. "Specifically, it is to appropriately add the proportion of residential land to the land used for industrial projects." Huang Nengjun said that the government has set rules, enterprises are the main body, and the conditions for the innovation of the nature of land use are appropriately relaxed, so as to solve the problem of housing support for enterprise talents.

      As for the recruitment difficulties encountered by some manufacturing enterprises at present, Huang Nengjun also gave his own suggestions. He said that it is recommended that the government "set up a platform", enterprises and schools should be linked together to precisely cultivate the technical talents they need for manufacturing enterprises, and even cultivate them to become more advanced professionals. "For example, in the fields of integrated circuits and new-generation information technology, enterprises and schools jointly offer relevant professional courses, and after completing their studies, they are directly exported to enterprises." He said that in this way, not only enterprises have obtained useful talents, but talents have also Job opportunities and higher incomes are available. (The copy is excerpted from Longgang Fusion Media)

      Facing the spring breeze of the times, MTN has made great progress in 2021 and is moving towards the goal of becoming a world-class R&D and manufacturing company. MTN will continue to move forward through talent training. In the process of rapid development and change of the times, we must not only adapt gradually, but also strive to be the first and strive for the future!

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