Fire Safety Emergency Drill at MTN

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2023MTN Fire Safety Emergency Drill

On 28 June, our company held a wonderful fire drill in our South China factory, aiming to enhance the staff's awareness of fire prevention and emergency handling ability. The fire drill was highly valued and widely participated by all staff of the company and was a complete success.

Ring the alarm bell and start the drill

On the day of the exercise, all staff were informed of the exercise by radio. At 4pm, the drill began. After a fire alarm sounded, all staff evacuated to the designated place in an orderly manner according to the pre-assigned escape routes.

The company's firefighters quickly arrived at the scene and demonstrated the correct use of hydrant water guns and carried out a live fire-fighting demonstration.

Members of the ambulance team gave live demonstrations of CPR and other outdoor first aid methods.

Explaining how to use fire-fighting equipment

The instructor also instructed the staff one by one on how to use the correct fire-fighting equipment and how to escape and save themselves. Through this exercise, everyone had a clearer understanding of the essentials and techniques of fire escape.

Staff Practice

The staff actively participated in the field exercise of extinguishing fires, so that they could master how to use fire extinguishing equipment first-hand.


We need to raise our awareness of safety, to learn more about safety, to improve our self-rescue and self-care skills, and to master the ability to escape in a crisis.

We believe that through this fire drill, we will further enhance the fire fighting awareness and emergency handling capability of our staff and provide a strong guarantee for the safe and stable development of our company. We will continue to pay attention to and strengthen the fire management of the company to ensure the safety and health of our employees.

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