CES 2024|MTN presents new products at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, USA

Date:2024-01-23 Categories:Industry News Hits:104 From:Shenzhen MTN Electronics Co., Ltd.

MTN at the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, USA

MTN was honored to participate in this year's CES "Consumer Electronics Show 2024" and brought the latest communication products, wi-fi 7 routers, wi-fi 7 APs, CAT4/5 CPE/MIFI, cloud management switches and a series of high-performance products brilliantly appeared in this year's CES, and face-to-face with the global customers to carry out in-depth exchanges and product demonstrations.

During the exhibition, MTN became one of the highlights of the show with its excellent product design. New products such as Wi-Fi 7 Router, WiFi 7 AP, Wi-Fi 6 Router, CAT4/5 CPE/MIFI, etc. attracted the favor of many customers.

With professional answers and enthusiastic services, MTN has won the recognition and trust of customers, and has reached strategic cooperation and further cooperation intentions with many customers.

 Global network communications in the era of 5G, IOT, big data and other widely used, MTM will continue to be committed to product innovation and product development, to provide diversified and personalized ODM/JDM/OEM services for global network communications brand owners, operators, integrators and other customers unremitting efforts!

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