48-Port SFP+ With 6-Port QSFP L3 Core Managed Switch

Quick quote
Data Center ToR / Spine switch
Enterprise Aggregation / Core switch
MetroE / PTN / IPRAN Aggregation platform
Physical Highlights
20% lower power consumption comparing to others
1.2T switching capacity with 100G(4*25G) uplinks
96 high speed SerDes with 16 independent configurable Macros
Wide SerDes compliance: CX4, KX, KX4, 10G KR, XFI, SFI, XAUI, SGMII, QSGMII
CloudWise™ Innovation
CloudInsight, such as Elephant Flow Detection (EFD), on-chip flow tracing and VM Aware processing
CloudResilience, such as flow self-healing for LAG and ECMP
CloudGoodput, such as DCTCP/HULL support , optimal flow scheduling and EFD based Dynamic Load Balancing(DLB)
CloudFusion, such as VXLAN, VXLAN-GPE,NVGRE and GENEVE support
CloudTelemetry, such as Active buffer monitoring, Active latency monitoring, Microburst detection and Watermark
MetroE / PTN / IPRAN Features
802.1ag and Y.1731 compliant OAM
G.8031 and G.8032 compliant Ethernet APS
G.8113.1 and G.8113.2 compliant MPLS-TP OAM
G.8131 and G.8132 compliant MPLS-TP APS
IEEE 1588-2008, OC / TC / BC, 1-step and 2-step
Synchronous Ethernet
SDN Highlights
802.1ag and Y.1731 compliant OAM
Fully support OpenFlow1.3
Flexible match and modification for any field
Maximum 3 levels of flow table with 64K entries

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