2024 MTN January & February Proposal Improvement Recognition Meeting

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2024 MTN January & February Proposal Improvement Recognition Meeting

On March 14, 2024, the South China Plant welcomed the January & February Proposal Improvement Recognition Meeting.

Awards presentation

In January & February 2024, the factory received more than 200 proposals for improvement. The proposals cover various aspects such as production process, equipment modification, process optimization, etc. After screening and evaluation by the expert group, the following were finally selected: Excellent Proposal Improvement Projects: 1 first prize, 3 second prizes, 6 third prizes, and the individuals and teams were awarded and commended.

First Prize for Proposal Improvement

《Reducing Product K-value Test Time》

Second Prize for Proposal Improvement

《Introduction of automatic code scanning and keying》

《UPPH Enhancement》

《Switch Test Module Optimization》

Third Prize for Proposal Improvement

《Improvement of switch testing by adding automatic scanning》

《Optimizing Balance Rate and Enhancing Capacity》

《Terminal UPPH Efficiency Improvement》

《Improvement of DIP production capacity》

《Improvement of switch color box error-proof material》

《Improvement of automatic fixtures》


The winners conveyed their firm belief in lean manufacturing and their bright expectations for the future. Let's look forward to more excellent benchmark lines and talents emerging on the road of lean manufacturing, and injecting strong momentum into the sustainable development of the plant.

Leadership summary

To promote development with lean, to inspire every outstanding talent with improvement thinking and action, and to promote continuous and rapid change in manufacturing with the power of lean automation.

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