Yuanxiao guess riddles, welcome brothers and sisters back home!

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    To create a good festival atmosphere, rich cultural life of staff, at the same time to welcome the colleagues after return to work, in the annual Lantern Festival is approaching, the company's organization to carry out the "yuanxiao, guess lantern riddles" activities, attracted numerous the enthusiasm of the employees to participate in.
    For good guess riddles, prepared more than two hundred staff, riddle, at the same time for guess lantern riddles colleague rich gifts. Lantern riddles not only has the happy puzzle, there are many guess idiom, brain teasers, etc., all kinds of puzzles, the integration of traditional culture and all kinds of knowledge, the design is clever, fun. Staff was puzzling over, each other to explore, together is more of a "collective" festival warm atmosphere at the scene, everybody is permeated with a smile on his face.
    The guess riddles activity both yuanxiao tradition education for employees, and let staff growth of knowledge in the fun, for the traditional Lantern Festival add fun and joy at the same time, also enhanced the cohesion and centripetal force of the enterprise.


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