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October 29, 2021

The topping-out ceremony of MTN Science and Technology Park was successfully held

      On the morning of October 29, 2021, the topping-out ceremony of No. 1 factory building in MTN IoT Technology Industrial Park was grandly held.

      MTN General Manager Huang, Deputy General Manager Li, Chief Financial Officer Zhang, Marketing Director Ou, Director Zhou of the General Manager Office, etc., management cadres above the manager level of the Southern Plant, and relevant leaders of the construction party China West China attended this ceremony. Witness this exciting and important moment.

General Manager's Speech

General Manager's Speech

      ess my heartfelt gratitude to all the guests and colleagues who attended the ceremony, and I would like to extend my high regards to the laborers who are fighting on the construction site of the project. The construction of MTN Wulian No. 1 Plant can be completed on schedule and with high quality. The support and efforts of the collaborating unit. The successful completion of Plant One is of great significance, and MTN has taken a big step forward.

Thanks again to every brother and sister who struggled. Every brick and tile is the result of everyone's hard work. At the same time, thanks to the partners who worked rigorously in planning, design, and implementation (General Manager's Office, Project Department, China West, Special Development Supervision, etc.).

The capping of the MTN southern factory will lay a good foundation for our growth in the next few years, and provide development space for building smart factories, fully automated logistics, and lean. The new factory can provide apartment-style accommodation, garden-style workshops and other living and entertainment facilities, so that our strugglers can live and work in peace! Achieve customers together and achieve a happy life for employees.


      "I declare that the topping of MTN IOT No. 1 factory building is good!" With the host's order, the topping ceremony officially began. Firecrackers and enthusiastic applause were heard on the scene.

      Subsequently, General Manager Huang led the construction unit management personnel and MTN management cadres to wave the shovel together, and work together to fill the last side of the concrete, marking the successful completion of the topping of the MTN Wulian No. 1 plant building.

      The high-rise building rises from the ground, and the foundation is one brick and one tile. The MTN Wulian No. 1 plant building has experienced more than 300 days and nights of concerted efforts and was successfully completed under the premise of ensuring safety and quality. Mr. Huang expressed his thanks again to every builder who participated in the project.

      The MTN IoT Technology Industrial Park project started in 2020, and a batch of pioneer teams have gathered here. Although the preparation of the new base is complicated, it has been on the right track with the efforts of the MTN team. I would like to thank everyone who has worked hard in the company. In the coming days, I will open a new and magnificent chapter of the company, start a new journey, and move towards a new future!

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