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MTN complete the Round A financing, Opening a new prelude for development.

Time: 2018-06-12 Source: 未知 Writer:MTN Click:
       Days before, Shenzhen MTN Electronic CO.LTD with Shenzhen Jinchi Investment Co., Ltd established a strategic cooperation, We won the A-Round investment of Shenzhen Jinchi Investment. This financing is a high recognition of the MTN team and the achievements made by MTN. With the enter of this investment, will comprehensively enhance the company's overall strength, achieve mutual complementarity of resources, to speed up the company's capitalization process, opening a new prelude for the development of the company and promote the company to a new level!
       MTN people will with a new mentality from the "heart" to start again, To work hard to become world-class R & D manufacturer in Network communication industry in China . To create value for customers, providing the best products and services is the forever pursuit of MTN. The MTN people will continue to practice the five core culture of "Integrity, Innovation, Caring, Accumulation and Win-win" and the four pragmatic standards of "Pragmatism, Rigor, Efficiency and Hard work", be grateful, go all out, serve customers, achievement employees, return shareholders, dedication to society!